What to ask your removal professional

If you’re preparing to move and about to put your most treasured possessions in the hands of a removal team, here’s a handy checklist of things you should be checking/asking.

1. Insurance
Did you know that you might not be covered by insurance when you take care of removals yourself? Your professional removal team, on the other hand, will almost certainly be covered by insurance in case of loss, breakage or damage.

2. Cleaning
Your removal team might be great at lugging boxes up and down stairs, but will they be gone before the dust has settled? That’s never a good sign. Make sure that your professional team offers a clean-up service to leave your home looking presentable.

3. Testimonials
Never mind what it says on the side of the van, or on the leaflet put through your door. Is your professional removal service as reliable, friendly, and professional as they say? If they can’t supply you with several testimonials stretching back more than a few years, you’ve every right to be suspicious.

4. Can they handle the big stuff?
If you’ve got a piano, queen size bed, mini bar or full-size snooker table to shift, ask your removal team how they’ll take care of it. They should be able to elaborate a solid plan, with an idea of any equipment they plan to use. That’s what separates the masters from the cowboys.

Ready for your move? You’re welcome to ask us any of the above…