The 5 keys to a perfect move

There are hundreds of things to think of when you move house (and we’re happy to think of all of them for you if you need). But if we had to pick out a few simple tips to making it go smoothly, here’s what we’d boil it down to..

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare
Allow plenty of time to pack. Allow even more time to unpack. Make a complete list of all your utilities and services and make sure you cancel them all in time. Arrange additional insurance (although we’re covered) and double the number of boxes you think you’ll need.

2. Divide and conquer
It might be tempting to toss everything into the smallest number of big boxes, but there’s no tax on boxes. We’re happy to carry out as many crates, boxes and bags as you need, so you can afford to divide up your possessions into easy-to-find categories: hazardous, delicate, perishable etc.

3. Take advantage of our expertise
We’re here to help, and you’ll be surprised how much more we know than simply carrying boxes. We’ll come to meet you before the move to offer our expert advice on what you’ll need, how we’re going to tackle your furniture and appliances, and any special considerations that may apply.

4. Start hoarding
In the weeks before you move, there’s one thing you can start holding on to – newspaper. And boxes. Oh, and bubble wrap. You’ll find it’s invaluable when it comes to packing up the boxes to prevent damage, chipping, and rattling.

5. Cleaning
It’s easy to forget that your empty property might not look to the next occupant as nice and homely as it did to you. In most cases, you could face fees or penalties if a landlord has to come in to deal with any serious issues. Have a back up plan and save enough time at the end for fixing any exposed patches, cosmetic damage, or stains. Talk to us about our post-removal cleaning process.

Ready to move? Give us a call and we’ll show you the difference a professional service can make.