How to Pack when Moving House

If you’ve ever seen footage of the military depositing an endless succession of crates and vehicles onto some overseas landing strip, you’ll have marvelled at the efficiency, speed and organisation of the entire operation. But why shouldn’t your professional removal service be the same? The good news is that we can.

We’ll take care of everything if you need – and we mean everything, from your grand piano or marble bird fountain to your children’s teddy bear. Here’s what you can do…

1. Work room by room. If you try to tackle the whole house in one go, you will get easily overwhelmed. With a few days/weeks to go before your move, you can start packing up the items that you rarely use – the ornaments, picture frames, spare bedding and so on. That means that the last room to tackle will probably be the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Label your boxes. We recommend an easy reference colour-coding system for fast sorting. Again, we’re more than happy to take care of this ourselves, but many customers prefer the personal touch. The most important label of all? FRAGILE! Especially if you’re packing up everything in advance, we need to know what’s delicate, so that know to place it on top and secure it.

3. Don’t overload. There’s nothing to be gained by loading up your boxes until they’re ready to burst. Boxes are cheap and we’ll bring plenty. Your most treasured possessions are priceless.

Ready to get started? We’re happy to come and visit the location to offer our expert advice on the next step of your move.