Here’s why you need a professional removal service

This is when we get an emergency call – the customer has loaded what they thought was all their possessions into what they thought was a family SUV, it’s raining, the traffic is horrendous, and they just realised the washing machine and wardrobe aren’t going to fit on any roof rack. Our opinion? When it comes to a professional, efficient, fast move, no job is too small. Here’s why…

1. Moving is exhausting. Even if you don’t have a grand piano to shift, all that tramping up and down stairs, lifting, shunting and puffing takes a huge toll on the body unless you’re used to the exertion.

2. You’ve got other things to worry about. On your big day, you’ve got enough to take care of with keys, bills, utilities and inventory. It’s a whole lot easier when you’re watching someone else move your possessions.

3. You need special equipment. It won’t be long before you realise that a few cardboard boxes and a roll of tape won’t finish the job. Our professional removal experts come fully tooled up with the proper equipment to move your house – winches, pulleys, tracks, straps and bubble wrap.

4. It’s a science. When you’ve completed removals for hundreds of properties, you end up seeing things differently. And we’ve done hundreds, from one-bedroom flats to mansions. We have a unique set of skills when it comes to assessing space, room to move, weight, load and balance. Even if you had a room full of Ming Vases to transport over cobbled streets, we’re confident we’ll deliver each one in perfect condition. Besides, we’re insured.

Ready to get started? Give us a call and we’ll come up with a perfect plan.